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How It Works
How did the profits come?

1. Through the establishment of collective shopping value is huge!
When you become a member of suliry, you can at any place and in any shop, you can recommend the shop on suliry, upload your receipt to suliry and rabdata (consumer, consumer data analysis company) to establish the cooperation and partnership.

Through the establishment of collective shopping value is huge, we will share with our distinguished members of the profits, members earn cash return.

2. Recommend friends, earn commission!
When you put the new consumption patterns, referral to your family and friends, so that they can have more rational and enjoyable shopping experience, you can earn a bonus, with the increase of the number of individuals of the collective, the collective value is value and your profits doubled.

3. Earn shares, year-end bonus!
When you recommend the value of suliry is large enough, you will become the honorary president of suliry, free access to part of the shares of suliry, enjoy suliry year-end bonus.