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1.What is the Product?
The products include the Retail Brand Membership and the SULIRY Membership. Each provides access to receive up to $3000 annually through 20% cashback shopping.

2.How much does the Retail Shopping Membership cost?
The Retail Brand Membership costs only $125 to start, and then is payable once every 28 days. That is only $1,625 annually to receive up to $3,000 in cashback rewards, potentially saving you $1,375 just for doing your everyday shopping!

3.Can I still shop at my favorites stores?
Yes. You can still continue to shop at your favorite stores and buy the same products and merchandise,while still using your preferred method of payment, including MasterCard, Visa Debit/Credit, Discover, and American Express.

4.How often can I redeem my Cash Back?
Beginning 30 days after your card registration, and every 30 days in between thereafter, you can redeem your cashback in $125 to $250 increments.

5.Is there a verification process?
Yes. With each cashback redemption, you will need to upload your receipts matching your payment method on file as verification of your purchases.

6.Is there a minimum or maximum Cash Back redemption amount?
Once every 30 days, as an active member, you can redeem a minimum of $125 and a maximum of $250 from your accumulated cashback account.

7.How often can I change my store preferences and method of payment?
At the time of redemption, you will have the option to update your store preferences and method of payment.

8.What happens if my payment is returned?
If your payment is returned, you will no longer have access to your cashback shopping benefits and all accumulated funds in your cashback account will be forfeited. There is a 3-day reinstatement period allowed, but a $45 reinstatement fee will be applied.

9.What is the cancellation period?
There is no long-term contract required. You may cancel at any time, but you must cancel at least 1 business day prior to your membership renewal date. This applies to all cancellations including all membership types.