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Sparkling Plan
Sparkling Plan
Reach & Teach Forward Thinkers - Currently Underway
In this phase, we locate and work with forward thinking members to help educate SULIRY regarding how SULIRYSHARES is changing the economic game in their favor. From then, membership will begin to grow steadily, as early adopters reach later adopters, and the simple brilliance of what we're doing takes root.
Results: Increasing membership, widening name recognition, moderate media coverage

Viral Membership Increase - 6-12 Months (Projected)
Membership increases steadily as members reap the rewards and continue to spread the word. Media pick-up increases as our innovative empowerment of Main Street is juxtaposed against stories of the increasing wealth gap. The combination of member interest and media coverage creates a feedback loop, leading our growth to a critical mass. At this point, SULIRYSHARES will go viral.
Results: Viral growth, wide media coverage, unstoppable momentum

Share daily Revenue With Members - Ongoing
Shared monthly revenue and referral daily commissions, plus SULIRYSHARES will fuel growth at every stage. Member excitement increases continuously as members earn more money and recognize that the growth in membership is multiplying their own potential return when SULIRYSHARES is acquired. Retailers also take note of increased member spending, thereby leading to more valuable member offers, increasing commissions, and more advertising revenue for members to share.
Results: Greatly increased company/member revenue and value

End GamePromising
listed - 3 Years (Projected)
The value we build through our collective shopping is huge.Brand libraryplans,neighbors plans & loyalty plans,Brand advertising spending is an important share of the redirect to SULIRY. Data analysis capabilities, and strong cash flow, suliry will become the stock market in the big bull.
Results: more and more people enjoy dividends

Note: This is a projection and in no way intended to be a guarantee. While we are aware that it is atypical for a "traditional" company to publicize its plans in this manner, we believe it's important for our vested members to understand our objectives.